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Chetan Raje

Chetan Raje

                                                           By Chetan Raje

                                       CEO at Global Management & Marketing Consultants



 In China, there are a number of Universities offering MBBS program. However, all Universities are not authorized to enroll Foreign Students.

The MOE, China, has drastically reduced the number of seats for International Students, by 39 %, and thus compared with the demand there is a tremendous shortage of seats. It has come to our notice, that certain unscrupulous agents, taking advantage of this shortage of seats, have been misguiding the Students and issuing them Admission Offer Letters from unauthorized Universities. (Universities which are not approved by the MOE, China). MCI does not recognize these Universities, and the students will not be allowed to appear for the Screening Test, conducted by MCI.

There are some other agents who have been submitting false / forged documents to the Universities for admission purpose. They have issued to the students, fake / bogus admission offer letters. Still others charge exorbitant amounts as service charge.

Many new and unreliable agents are mushrooming all over the Country, and usually these agents, do not last for more than a year or two. They operate from a rented office and after having cheated a number of students, just vanish leaving the students in lurch…

Many of the agents offer a package which along with the Service charges, includes even the tuition fees and hostel charges. None of the Foreign Universities authorize the agents to collect tuition fees and hostel charges on their behalf. Tuition fees and hostel charge are to be paid by the student, directly in the University office, on a yearly basis.

Some of these agents are not even based in India, but operate from abroad! Avoid such agents at any cost!  Appoint an Indian agent, so he comes under the purview of Indian laws! If an agent’s service charges are too low, obviously there is something fishy! An agent’s background and experience must be your main criteria and yardstick for selection and not service charge!

Students / Parents should therefore be very careful in selecting their agents. Ideally they should select Highly Experienced, Educated, Mature Professionals, who have been in the Education Industry for a number of years.

Students should note, that only the undermentioned Universities in China were authorized to enroll foreign students for the 2014 Intake & the number of seats were also finalized by the MOE, China, for every University. MCI will strictly approve only these Universities:-


        UNIVERSITY                                                                  NUMBER OF SEATS APPROVED


  1.  Jilin University                                                                                           100
  2. China Medical University                                                                       100
  3. Dalian Medical University                                                                      100
  4. Capital Medical University                                                                      100
  5. Tianjin Medical University                                                                     100
  6. Shangdong University                                                                                100
  7. Fudan University                                                                                          100
  8. Xinjiang Medical University                                                                  100
  9.  Nanjing Medical University                                                                   100
  10.  Jiangsu University                                                                                      100
  11. Webgzhou Medical College                                                                     100
  12. Zhejiang Medical University                                                                 100
  13. Wuhan University                                                                                       100
  14. Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST)         100
  15. Xi’an Jiaotong University                                                                        100
  16. Southern Medical University                                                                 100
  17. Jinan University                                                                                           100
  18. Guangxi Medical University                                                                  100
  19.  Sichuan University                                                                                     100
  20. Chongqing Medical University                                                               100
  21. Jiamusi University                                                                                         60
  22. Harbin Medical University                                                                        60
  23. Beihua Unversity                                                                                             60
  24.  Liaoning Medical University                                                                    60
  25. Weifang Medical University                                                                     60
  26.  Quingdao University                                                                                    60
  27. Hebei Medical University                                                                           60
  28. Ningxia Medical University                                                                       60
  29. Tongji University                                                                                              60
  30. Shihezi University                                                                                           60
  31. Southeast University                                                                                       60
  32. Yangzhou University                                                                                      60
  33. Nangtong University                                                                                       60
  34. Soochow University                                                                                         60
  35. Ningbo University                                                                                            60
  36. Fujian Medical University                                                                          60
  37. Anhui Medical University                                                                           60
  38. Xuzhou Medical University                                                                       60
  39. China Three Gorges University                                                                60
  40. Zhengzhou University                                                                                    60
  41. Guangzhou Medical University                                                                60
  42. Sun Yat-Sen University                                                                                 60
  43. Shantou University                                                                                         60
  44. Kunming Medical University                                                                    60
  45. Dali University                                                                                                  60
  46. North Sichuan Medical College                                                                60
  47. Luzhou Medical College                                                                                60
  48. Xiamen University                                                                                          60


As soon as MOE, China, releases the list for 2015 Intake, we will be publishing it here, in the interest of the Students. Likewise every Country, has a list of Universities approved by their Government and MCI, to enroll foreign students. Students / Parents should carefully check the listing / approval of the University, instead of just blindly believing the unscrupulous agents, and then repenting later.

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